Perchè no!

Historic ice cream parlour in Florence


From 1939, the historic ice cream parlour in Florence Perchè no!... (Why not!) makes artisanal ice cream in the tradition way using only milk, cream, eggs, and fruit and top quality selected ingredients.


The Cammilli family runs today the ice cream parlour in Florence, the attention for quality, freshness and the source of the raw materials is almost obsessive, making it of the highest quality. The passion that for twenty six years has driven Ciro and his wife Paola, has passed to their two daughters Cecilia and Valentina, who beside working every day in the ice cream parlour, organize meetings by appointment in the newPerchè no!... Ice cream Academy”, where they start from hints of the ice-cream history to get to its realization with tasting and final certificate.


Absolutely unmissable: ginger, curry with mango and peaches, Sacher cake, green tea, lavender, and salted caramel beside the classical flavours: pistachio nut, Florentine cream and milk cream with honey and sesame.


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Perchè no!

Via dei Tavolini, 19 R - 50122 Firenze (FI) - IT

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