Pizzeria Da Leo

Quality pizza by the slice in Cervia



If you feel like eating something in the town of Cervia go to the Pizzeria da Leo located in the city centre, a really nice place offering you a magnificent pizza by the slice.


All the pizzas are characterized by light and easily digestible dough, tender and elastic, with a crisp crust, topped with fresh local ingredients.

In addition to the traditional pizza Margherita, it serves several different pizza; each one positively teems with varied toppings, always in the name of quality.


However "Da Leo" offers table service, most of its business happens on the street, give you the opportunity to walk around the beautiful Cervia.

Pizzeria Da Leo

Circonvalazione Sacchetti, 118 - 48015 Cervia (RA) - IT

Tel: +39 334.8961336

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