Primo Piano American Bar and Lounge Cafe

American Bar and Lounge Cafe in the centre of Canazei


Located at the first floor of a building The Primo Piano American Bar and Lounge Cafe in the centre of Canazei, is the reference point for those who want to sip a good drink in a refined and welcoming atmosphere, admiring the beautiful panorama of the Dolomite.


The American bar and Lounge cafe, specializing in aperitifs and after dinners, perfectly recreates the atmosphere of some American Bar in New York or a London Lounge.


The Cocktail List proposes all the very classic of the history of mixology but also personal creations of the bartenders.

It complete the list a wide selection of wines, champagne, 40 types of gin to pair with tonic water and beers.


The Primo Piano is also the ideal place to have lunch or dinner in an informal way, tasting typical local cold cuts and cheeses, or savory quality proposals.


Primo Piano American Bar and Lounge Cafe

Strèda Dolomites, 111 - 38032 Canazei (TN) - IT

Tel: + 39 348.9189450

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