Prosciuttificio Coccia

For over 60 years Salumificio Coccia, combining tradition and innovation, offers high quality typical products of Tuscia Viterbese made by the exclusive use of certified fresh meat, guaranteed by ethical breeders.


They offer a full range of lactose and gluten free typical products which have an insertion in the Italian Celiac Associated handbook.


They are acknowledged for the protection of the label Slow Food for Susianella, a liver salami typical of the Viterbo region.

Produced using only only local pork butchered in the Tuscia Viterbese.


Producers of Guanciamia, a round spiced Guanciale, which has a registered trademark which includes its shape.


The union of local raw material with the products of Salumificio Coccia has led to the production of unique typical products  i.e. Delizia della Tuscia (salami cooked in Aleatico wine), Salame with Red Onions, Salame with Pecorino cheese or the National excellence Salame with Saffron produced in numbered limited quantities.


The latest innovation flavoured spreadable lard, flavoured with Raspberries from Monti Cimini, with Mojito, or with herbs.


The newest member of the family "Il Magnifico" a cured fillet with wine from the Trappolini winery.

Prosciuttificio Coccia

Via Lega dei XII Popoli 7/D - 01100 Viterbo (VT) - IT

Tel: 0761.250879

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