Quinzi & Gabrieli

A small historic restaurant in Rome


Quinzi & Gabrieli is a small historic restaurant in Rome.


Every evening around 7pm the best of the Tyrrhenian Sea arrives in the restaurant, and every night a magic that has lasted for almost thirty years is renewed... that of tickling and satisfing even the most sophisticated palates.

At the entrance of the restaurant you will be welcomed by a real triumph of fish and shellfish that will be used to prepare the different recipes. Raw fish and seafood, have always been the peculiarity of Quinzi & Gabrieli, and never betray expectations. Small innovations and contaminations contribute to harmoniously blend tradition and modernity, as in any form of art. An art that in this restaurant you can breathe thanks its historic location and where there are also original capitals from the 1400s. Satisfying the palate also means combining the excellence of the raw material with an excellent wine that enhances and harmonizes the whole.


This is why the wine list offers unique 'pieces' such as the Amarone Dal Forno Magnum from 2001, the Vodka Kauffman soft Vintage 2005, the Sauternes Chateau d'Yquem 2005 or a selection of the most prestigious champagne Cristal Rosè, Salon, Krug or Dom Pérignon, of which the Restaurant is one of the few in the world to be “Dépositaire”, in the special formats Magnum, Jeroboam, Mathusalem as well the magnificent Nabuchodonosor.

Quinzi & Gabrieli

Via delle Coppelle, 5 - 00186 Roma (RM) - IT

Tel: +39 06.6879389

Fax: +39 06.6874940



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