Ristorante Enotria by Angoletto della Luce

Enotria Restaurant in Viterbo fuses and transforms into Angoletto della Luce.


Knowledge, passion and curiosity for food and wine merge into Concept Food: Enotria!


All the senses are satisfied, enter into a world that you discover with your nose and palate.

A union of sensations and flavours that explode in the mouth from the very first taste.


A new look for Enotria Restaurant, in addition to taste it wishes to cosset its guests with a warm and friendly atmosphere.


There are no limits, everything can be sampled choosing from the inventive menu that is conceived by the creative mind of Chef Stefania Mancini it changes by following the seasons and accompanied by the appropriate glass of wine.


The pride of Enotria Restaurant is the wine cellar.


Great wines and Italian champagne, every diner has the possibility to sample the wine by glass.

The gastronomical project is completed by the Gourmet Pizza menu. Not the usual pizza but the combination of flavours that merge into the most traditional of Italian dishes.


Enotria is a journey through the territory, traditional flavours transformed into contemporary tastes.


Framed in a warm and friendly atmosphere where the simplicity of the tastes and the emotion on the plate can make you feel at home.


Enotria Restaurant for very Gourmet People!

Ristorante Enotria by Angoletto della Luce

Via Valle Piatta, 2 - 01100 Viterbo (VT) - IT

Tel: +39 0761.346804



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