Ristorante Tiratappi

Mantua cuisine meets Sicily at Tiratappi Restaurant


Located in the historical centre of Mantua the restaurant Tiratappi offers something unique and special: the flavours of the Mantua cuisine blends harmoniously with the incredible Sicilian culinary tradition.


The owner and chef Orazio in the culinary field for 35 years puts his professionalism and experience in the restaurant without ever forgetting its native Sicilian roots. 

He is so passionate about what he does on both culinary traditions that you can feel it in every dish of the Menu, as the typically Sicilian flavours of the Pasta alla Norma and the Cannoli, or those of Mantua tradition as Pumpkin tortelli (Tortelli di Zucca) or Pilot Risotto (Risotto alla Pilota).


Combinations are certainly very special but absolutely to try to delight and tickle your taste buds with unique flavours that you will not find elsewhere.

Ristorante Tiratappi

Piazza Alberti, 30 - 46100 Mantova (MN) - IT

Tel: +39 0376.322366



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