Sartoria Gastronomica

Restaurant Sartoria Gastronomica : the pleasure of Italian cuisine


As in the studio of a real tailor,the restaurant Sartoria Gastronomica prepares handmade dishes tying the excellent quality of raw materials the fantasy of the chefs, thus creating unique dishes, "sewn tailored" to each customer and his tastes.


The leitmotif of the restaurant Sartoria Gastronomica ties its roots to the pleasure of Italian cuisine,considered a pleasure of meeting loved people and family, where dishes tell the story of the territory,changing food into a source of cultural heritage.


The Bakery is a delightful space inside the restaurant Sartoria Gastronomica, where it's possible to taste the best pastry in the city.

The laboratory, located at the back of the restaurant, bakes sweet and savory delights using if the highest quality ingredients and excellent chocolate.

Sartoria Gastronomica

Piazza Aldrovandi, 21/c - 40125 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: + 39 051.6569781

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