Silvano Romani

Typical products of Emilia Romagna... and not only

In Emilia, in that strip of territory that lies between the river Po and the Apennines, the tradition of good food is still alive and people are still committed to handing it down.

Silvano Romani is one of these: a entrepreneur from Parma, whose great passion is to search for artisan processors, the tasty products “of the past”, with the aroma and authentic flavour, he has transformed himself from a delicatessen owner to the national point of reference of the sector for typical produce of Emilia Romagna.

The business and brand has his name and in his numerous shops in Parma and province you can still breathe that air of the small shop, with a particular welcome for its clientele. who are helped in their choice with competence and professionalism.


The Silvano Romani company divides into different groups with different locations.


Noi in Cucina is the group that produces and daily distributes gastronomy to the the Silvano Romani delicatessens, beginning with starters through to dessert, specialising in filled fresh pasta.

Qualified cooks meticulously follow all the stages of quality and regulatory controls,while keeping the artisan quality of the produce.


Silvano Romani Events is the banqueting company that develops solutions for private and business clients, offering products of excellence with new ways of supply, to the customers satisfaction.


The evolution of his business has taken Silvano Romani to propose the sale, the culture and the supply of the product, inside the same point of sale, in line with the evolution of consumer models.

The first steps where taken with the opening,  in 2014, of the Degusteria Romani, a small bistro’ restaurant in the centre of Parma, where you can appreciate excellent typical produce of Emilia Romagna in a particular unique environment, admired by the local clientele, but above all by Italian and International tourists.


In December 2016 it was the turn of KM90 Ristobottega Emiliana, a large farmhouse at the exit  of the A1 at Fidenza, an innovative place ideal for tasting and acquiring typical products.

On the ground floor the Emiliano restaurant proposes lunch and dinner, in a suggestive environment with table service and recipes from the gastronomic tradition of the territory.




The Silvano Romani Shops: 

La Rocca
Via Emilio Lepido 1/C - PARMA - Ph. 0521.244381

La Verdi
Strada Garibaldi 69/A - PARMA - Ph. 0521.208100

La Prosciutteria
Strada Farini 9/C - PARMA - Ph. 0521.234188

Al Borgo
Borgo Basini 4/C - PARMA - Ph. 0521.508951 

Via La Spezia 216/A - PARMA - Ph. 0521.942527

Degusteria Romani
Borgo Palmia, 2/c – PARMA - Ph. +39 0521 229816

Via S.Michele Campagna 22/B - FIDENZA - Ph. 0524.522334

Latteria '55
Via Cavour 16 - FIDENZA - Ph. 0524.534513

KM90  Ristobottega
Via Montalcini 280A - FIDENZA - Ph. 0524.520641

Silvano Romani

ERREFOOD S.p.A Via Paradigna, 169 - 43122 Parma (PR) - IT

Tel: +39 0521.774302

Fax: +39 0521.607233

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