Trattoria Il Francescano

Flavours and scents of the past in a typical Tuscan trattoria


Formerly a grocery and wine shop, Il Francescano is perhaps one of the few restaurants in the heart of Florence where you can breathe the air of the real typical Tuscan trattoria, its traditional flavours, full-bodied wines and the scents of the past.


An usual meeting place for show’s celebrities in the seventies and eighties, thanks to its proximity to the famous Verdi Theatre, Il Francescano is the ideal place to taste traditional Tuscan specialties.
The menu indeed maintains its popular origin by narrating the history of Florentine cuisine with respect for tradition and using only high-quality raw materials.


The main dishes on the menu are undoubtedly tomato soup, ribollita, Florentine tripe.
Excellent pizza and strictly homemade desserts.

Trattoria Il Francescano

Largo Piero Bargellini, 16 - 50122 Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.241605

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