Urbani Tartufi

Truffles in Perugia famous worldwide 


New York and Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Manila, Bangkok.

The presence of the excellence of Urbani Truffles is diffused in the most important cities worldwide.

The headquarters is at Scheggino a small village in Umbria, where it all began.


From six generations the Urbani family cultivate a vocation: to let the world know about truffles, this unique product, with the unmistakable scent and slightly mysterious.


Presenting to the world along with the truffles the refined taste and lifestyle that evoking the charm of Italy.

So much so that today Urbani Tartufi is considered one of the best flagships for Italy worldwide, with over 600 products in the catalogue, that are present every day on the gourmet tables of the world.

Products researched for new markets, such as truffle sushi, truffle soya and truffle wasabi dedicated to the Asian market.


In Italy (where it has a shop in the centre of Milan, a branch in Alba for the famous white truffle and a production plant in Terni), and abroad, the company has 9 subsidiaries, 5 brands and 300 professionals: the Urbani group has 70% of global market share.


Urbani Tartufi not only a busy company but a truly cultural commitment.

Urbani Tartufi

SS. Valnerina Km. 31+250 - 06040 S. Anatolia di Narco (PG) - IT

Tel: +39 0743.613171



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