Vino & Co.

Wine shop whit winetaste in Livigno


Vino & Co. is a wine shop whit winetaste in Livigno, where you can taste a glass of wine or buy an excellent wine bottle. It stocks exceptional wines from among the best ones of Italy as well as a great choice of international labels. The owner features a large selection of "emblazoned wines" from the great oenologists, as well labels from small reputable winemakers choosen by him and offers delectable typical food paired perfectly with such wines.

Vino & Co. offers also true “gems” from their fine & rare spirits and liqueurs: Whisky, Porto, Calvados, Cognac/Armagnac, Vodka, high quality Grappas.


Vino & Co. is waiting for you just for a drink at the bar or for a winetaste from their daily proposals always serveded with excellent appetizers .


Vino & Co. your wine shop with winetaste in Livigno!


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Vino & Co.

Via Saroch, 38 - 23030 Livigno (SO) - IT

Tel: +39 347.6380039

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