Fabbro Zino

From more than twenty years the firm Fabbro Zinoo manufactures furniture, elements of furnishing and accessories: a traditional artisan producing wrought iron, copper and brass which in flanked by proposals of design, creations embellished by the insertion of wood, ceramics, crystals and is accompanied and technological solutions.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit their splendid showroom at “ Plan de Lago “ along the valley of the artisans from Cortina, a cutting edge space with a view of the Massif “ Tofane” where tradition and modernity meet.

In the Fabbro Sino workshops raw cold matter transforms into a work of art unique and exciting, Fabro Zino also produced customized products, exclusive pieces created according to the wishes and personal needs of the client, made to add value and to enhance the setting for which they were intended.



Fabbro Zino

Località Pian da Lago, Capannone B - 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL) - IT

Tel: +39 0436.867757

Fax: +39 0436.879126



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