Filip Piccolruaz

"Art of Piccolruaz": the art of wood carving in Val Gardena


The art of artistic wood carving in Val Gardena in Trentino Alto Adige has been a tradition for centuries.


Born into a family of sculptors, the Val Gardena's artist, Filip Piccolruaz, cultivates this tradition with much love and skill, handing down his knowledge and expertise teaching younger at the art institutes, academies, sculpture schools or associations.

His great creativity leads him to explore new paths, so starts to work with different materials: wood, bronze, stone, metal, glass, even snow and ice.


His works range from sacred art,to profane, to human or animal figures, but also portraits and modern sculptures. His creations are always unique pieces conceived following his own designs or interpreting the ideas of his clients without betraying his artistic freedom.


Filip's works are praised by the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce brand "Entirely Hand Carved" which grant protection to the wood sculptors and carvers and certify the authenticity and originality of works, as well fully handmade.

Filip Piccolruaz

Via Cademia, 44 - 39046 Ortisei (BZ) - IT

Tel: +39 0471.797024 - Mob. +39 339.1690200

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