Friul Mosaic

Looking into the gravel bed of a river is like observing the panoramic surface of a mosaic.


A similar vision must have inspired the ancient artisans and by using this enormous palette of stone material arranged the first artistic mosaics in the history of Friuli.


The search for more or less coloured stones while certainly at the same time the use of bigger stones in the rural construction, in the flooring of courtyards, stables and bridges.


The aforementioned gravel bed is that of the river Tagliamento, the section is San Martino al Tagliamento, where Friul Mosaic headquarters are located, a company that envisage, design and make artistic mosaics, continuing an indestructible thousand year art.


The Friul Mosaic consists of highly qualified artisans sourced from the historic "Friuli Mosaic School" of Spilimbergo, thanks to the personalised relationship that they establish with their clients, giving life to unique and exclusive customised works, realised like a high fashion gown.


Creativity, exchange of ideas, professionalism and an ancient know how united with a constant search for innovation, allowing the stones, the enamels and marble to give origin to a precious artistic mosaics that blend every form of design, enriching every type of flooring or coating: it is thus that architectural solutions and furnishings transform into works of art.


Friul Mosaic

Via San Giacomo, 42 - 33096 San Martino al Tagliamento (PN) - IT

Tel: +39 0434.89191/ 899217

Fax: +39 0434.847870

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