La Rigatteria

La Rigatteria is in Trieste it originated in 1981 in the heart of the old town where antiquarians and second hand dealers gather.


From a small used book shop with the passing of the years the shop has expanded to include an extensive choice of antique and modern books with some rare editions, with antique objects, furniture, paintings, curiosities and collectable prints from the middle 1800 to 1950.


Laura and Claudio Di Pinto, the two owners of Rigatteria, personally oversee the buying and are always searching for new material and curiosities to propose to their clientele.


They are mainly interested in objects with a local origin from Trieste, Istria, Friuli, (books, postcards, prints ) Paintings by local artists and shipping objects (menus, objects from on board , posters, postcards, books, prints).


In the shop it is also possible to find Murano Glass, Ceramics, Porcelain from the early '900, Jewelery and Silverware, advertising materials (tins, books, posters, postcards, prints).


La Rigatteria

Via Malcanton, 12 - 34121 Trieste (TS) - IT

Tel: +39 040.630866

Fax: + 39 040.630866

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