3GRADI Cosmetic Solutions

Courtesy Lines for Hotels

Tailor made cosmetics Made in Italy for hotels and accommodation facilities


Born from the experience and passion of its founders for the beauty sector, 3GRADI Cosmetic Solutions offers tailor made cosmetic products Made in Italy.

3GRADI in addition to offering personalized, branded high quality and clinically tested courtesy lines, provides a complete service, from creation to positioning on the market.


Travelers these days turn to online reviews in their hotel selection process, and services and products for personal care and hygiene play a pivotal role in the evaluation the stay experience.

3GRADI Cosmetic Solutions creates original customized and high-quality products, that respect the environment by offering something unique that goes beyond the classic courtesy lines.

 Tailor made cosmetics Made in Italy increases the positive perception of the customer.

 Offering the opportunity to try cosmetic lines for free and then sell them can represent an additional source of income for the hotel itself.


3GRADI Cosmetic Solutions also guarantees full-service assistance, able to respond quickly to every need. 

3GRADI Cosmetic Solutions

Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 7 - 00197 Roma (RM) - IT

Tel: +39 06.92112925



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