Agriturismo Fontanella

Traditional tastes in Livigno


L'Agriturismo Fontanella is nestled at the end of the village, in the direction of the Forcola pass, away from the clamour of downtown.

In this serene farmhouse, you can taste traditional dishes proposed by Giuseppe thanks old recipes inherited from his mother Ada and his father-in- law Natalino. Dishes cooked with raw materials produced by the Fontanella Farm itself or sourced from local farmers.


In this warm family environment, in addition to food, you can also enjoy a very good glass of wine produced on-site, using traditional methods. There is also the possibility to visit the wine cellar where they produce and age cured meats, cheeses and wines.

Agriturismo Fontanella

Via Palipert, 421/d - 23030 Livigno (SO) - IT

Tel: +39 335.6830399.

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