Hotel Cala Caterina

Sardinia Cala Caterina: luxury is elegant in a private treasure chest


A Paradise on Heart, this is the prologue to a best seller called "Cala Caterina".

A house of charm like a precious gem nestled between the Mediterranean scrub and the clear sea of Sardinia, which stands sheltered from prying eyes in the town of Villasimius in the heart of Cagliari.


A single common denominator characterizes the IHC Group (Italian Hotels Collection): speed has no reason to exist. Time stops to listen to the needs of the body and the "noise" of the soul.

The must of the Group is relaxation, detox, spirituality and regenerating nutrition both in the turquoise sea of Sardinia, both at Cala Caterina (Villasimius) and La Coluccia in the north of Sardinia (near Conca Verde - S. Teresa di Gallura), or in the mountains of Val D'Aosta at the Mont Blanc Hotel of La Salle and at the Grand Hotel Besson in Salice D'Ulzio.

The IHC Group (Italian Hotels Collection) is above all an Italian company of exclusive hotels, created to fill a void in the field of Italian hospitality, with a mission to represent the Made in Italy hotel industry.


The hotel Cala Caterina is built in typical Mediterranean style, with flower-filled arcades and the traditional pink roof, the villa remains surrounded by vegetation in which it is integrated. A pleasant walk through the park leads to the Cala Caterina beach: a small natural bay of astonishing beauty. Cala Caterina looks like a typical Sardinian villa, designed by a skilled painter, with 48 Classic and Superior rooms types, with spatula finish walls and arches that hide sofas and armchairs that dive into the swimming-pool.


The restaurant's hotel gastronomic tradition is superb. At the restaurant's helm, there is a true master in the art of cooking, the chef Hassan Haji. From breakfast to dinner, everything is meticulously designed to satisfy the demanding clientele: healthy fruit and vegetables juices, raw fish with exotic fruits, shellfish, spider crab, fresh fish, and the famous matured red ox meat from Sardinian's farms, cooked and served with delicious side dishes.

The artist’s palettes garnished on original proposal of the International chef: fregola (Sardinia pasta) with lamb or mussels, focaccia with tomato or vegetables, roasted lamb breast with potatoes, mushrooms’ sauce, roasted pig flavoured with myrtle or grilled food flavoured with lemon, a symphony of flavours and colours, like a true garden but of tastes.


The hotel is located 4 km from the village; a panoramic promenade takes guests to the delightful marina.

Hotel Cala Caterina

Via Lago Maggiore, 32 - 09049 Villasimius (CA) - IT

Tel: +39 070.798029

Fax: +39 070.797473

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