Villa Eden

For over 30 years in Merano Villa Eden has been a paradise where you can spend a wonderful holiday dedicated to health and mental well-being, to regain your natural balance and maintain it for a lifetime.


Getting to know Angelika Schmid and her team will help you open new horizons. 


Not a common spa hotel, not an ordinary beauty farm in South Tyrol, Villa Eden - The Leading Park Retreat is simply something unique. 


Prominent figures in the field of hospitality, catering, beauty and spa, yoga and fitness, with established and qualified professionals in various scientific/medical fields welcome guests every day with a smile. 

We feel deep dedication to our role as well as meeting the needs and requirements of each guest and fulfilling your wishes.


Customized programs, tailored diets and targeted therapies are just some of the services provided by the team of the medical department of Villa Eden.


Villa Eden is the ideal place to relax, to appreciate yourself more and to discover your potential for a healthier, happier and richer life!”


Villa Eden

Via Winkel, 68-70 - 39012 Merano (BZ) - IT

Tel: +39 0473.236583

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