Alla Fiera dell'Est

A world of colours, shapes and sensations in an artisan workshop in Burano


In Burano, walking along via di Pizzo, attracted by the curious inclination of the bell tower, we reach the artisan workshop "Alla fiera dell'est" by Alice and Leonardo.

It is here that, inspired by the colours, shapes and glitters of the lagoon, they create unique glass pearls, which put together, will form many different jewels.


The transparencies and shadows, in each creation, mix together evoking archaic emotions, generated by the primary elements of glass lifted to beauty.


The artistic experience, indeed, starts from the sensations that spring from the material, until to reach a harmony that involves all senses, almost synesthetic. Every visitor is welcomed into this world of colours, shapes and sensations and is invited to participate in such wonderful experience.

Alla Fiera dell'Est

Via San Martino sinistra, 166 - 30142 Burano (VE) - IT

Tel: +39 041.5272234

Fax: +39 041.5272234

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