Antico Fattore

Antico Fattore the wine and food tradition in Florence


The wine and food tradition in Florence results in L'Antico Fattore, one of the most antique city taverns and historic circle of famous painters, since1865 continuing with recipes of the best dishes of the Florentine and Tuscan cuisine.


L'Antico Fattore offers even today the atmosphere of an antique Florentine tavern that since 1929 unites between its walls the living forces of the arts and literature.


It began an extraordinary partnership mixing literature, art, gluttonous dishes, and Chianti wine, musical notes, debate, affection and a touch of mundanity, that gave birth to the Antico Fattore prize in 1931.


In this historic Florentine tavern we find daily home made pasta: tortelloni, pappardelle and pici, while oil and salami frame the careful choice of the best meats, all accompanied by optimum chianti wine.

Tuscan garlic bread, cabbage and lard on toasted bread, tortelli with porcini mushrooms and truffles, sausages, Tuscan style beans, veal shank and the queen of the steaks, Florentine T bone. Famous also giblets with sage, rolled meat slices with artichokes and Florentine style tripe, dishes older than the Uffizi.


Antico Fattore

Via Lambertesca, 1/3R - 50122 Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.288975

Fax: +39 055.283341

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