Carlo Tivioli Pellicce

To talk about furs in Italy, you cannot exclude speaking of Carlo Tivioli, one of the most prestigious labels in Italian high fashion, whose creation are known and appreciated worldwide.

Each of Carlo Tivioli's fur, from the 70s is a protagonist of the catwalk, masterpieces of master artisans, designed, cut and sewn in their Turin workshop in Via Roma, where all his creations are born.

Some of his furs have entered into history, such as the thousand line mink, a tribute to the kinetics art, coloured mosaics inspired by the Hungarian graphic painter Victor Vasarely, bees nest, embossed, chiaroscuro and diamond shaped. 

Today Carlo Tivioli has passed the reins of his studio to his son Clemente, who we met to ask about the future of the "Maison".


Interview with Clemente Tivioli. 


Clemente, your father tells that often from your trips to South America and South Africa, you brought back materials that have inspired his creations, you were only in your twenties therefore an early passion? 

"I have always considered my father's work an art.

Buying materials during my trips is an idea that came to me not only to get closer to my father but also his universe and his work.

His delight at my purchases then encouraged me, my trampoline to start working with him. High fashion is a vehicle for me which gives sense to my passion for art."


Clemente, Tivioli is an important name, how do you find becoming the leader at such a young age?

"In reality I must say I don't feel like a leader, my father is still steering, he is still the captain, I feel more like a sailor, who together with the rest of the crew, hoisting the sails, check the wind, and learn to manoeuvre."


How will the firm change, if it changes and how do you see the future?

"I will never distort our core values, not only because I believe in what we do, and because it is what distinguishes us from others.

There are many people around me that advise me to do different things to transform the firm, but they don't know the universe of Carlo Tivioli close to.

Therefore there will not be changes, only a natural evolution that will keep us contemporary and therefore to create the future of Italian high fashion."



Carlo Tivioli Pellicce

Via Santo Spirito, 24 - 20121 Milano (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 02.76001490

Fax: +39 02.76000833

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Shari Gambino

I own a gorgeous one of a kind, I was told you breed Minsk and stables to acquired such a unique's a full length Lunerine coat with a "star burst" on the back and on the sleeves. Was made for Sofia Loren, then David Meltzer bought it at a fashion show. Can you confirm. My deepest respect and thanks.


Aliona Iabangi

Dear Sharl Gambino, please send me a photo of the fur at so we can evaluate if it's our production. Kind Regards. Aliona Iabangi


Isabella Cordani

Capi straordinari, non conosco il prodotto da vicino ,contattero' .Ho attivita' sul lago maggiore .Mi piacerebbe proporre alla mia clientela ,qualche capo Maison Tivioli


Aliona Iabangi

Gentile Sig.ra Isabella Cordani, Grazie per il suo interesse e La invito a prendere un appuntamento al numero di telefono 02 76001490 per visualizzare i nostri capi preso il nostro show room di Milano in Via Santo Spirito 24. Cordiali saluti Aliona Iabangi