CooD - Cocktails & Beef

A journey into taste and quality in a restaurant in Milan


In the home of Italian avant-garde design and fashion, the multi-faceted city in many fields including food, CooD - Cocktails & Beef, stands out as the new Milanese benchmark for meat-based cuisine, for many reasons: the selection of the raw material, the quality of meat from sustainable farms, the assortment of meat cuts and the variety of preparations.


Located in the heart of the Milanese "movida", CooD - Cocktails & Beef is not only a restaurant in Milan but also, an “idea” born from the experience of well-known Milanese restaurateurs to fulfil the needs of an experienced and cosmopolitan clientele.


Nothing is left to chance; a decor design project cared for down to the smallest detail: lava stone floors, white and brown marble, bronze finishes, decorative wall coatings, atmosphere lights and, soft music. Refined cuts of meat displayed in a showcase as precious jewels.


A Cocktail Bar that, anticipating the refined themes of the restaurant, prepares exclusive drinks made with innovative techniques such as the "fatwash”.


A real butcher available to suggest the better meat cuts, both for restaurants guests than for simple customers eager to be able to cook these special meats at home.


“The wine library”, a real oenological "library" dedicated to the fascinating world of wine and, in the same time, a quiet corner able to welcome guests for a private dinner.


A menu that also includes traditional and classic dishes, cured meats, first-class cheeses, and excellent homemade focaccias. CooD - Cocktails & Beef the restaurant in Milan for a journey into taste and quality where the keyword is: to offer an excellent experience at 360 degrees.

CooD - Cocktails & Beef

Via Lecco,1 - 20124 Milano (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 02.82777025

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