Di Cori Leather and Gloves

An historic high quality leather shop in Rome


In Via del Tritone in Rome, one of the most beautiful areas of Rome, between the Trevi fountain and Piazza di Spagna, famous for the multiplicity of shops and restaurants, is "Di Cori Leather and Gloves" a small precious high quality leather shop.


In this historic high quality leather shop in Rome, it is possible to find a large assortment of handbags, made of genuine Florentine leather and a great variety of cashmere or silk-lined gloves in the most varied colours, but also men's and women's wallets of various models as well a large assortment of trolleys and luggage.


All items "Di Cori Leather and Gloves" are entirely handmade in soft high quality leather at the right price, all absolutely Made in Italy.

Di Cori Leather and Gloves

Via del Tritone, 52 - 00187 Roma (RM) - IT

Tel: +39 06.699200287

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