Black wooden floors and high fresco ceilings, peeled walls and electric blue carpet, liberal combinations of furniture of different ages (from the 40s to 80s): this is Flair Store - Gallery created by Ms Alessandra Tabacchi and Mr Franco Mariotti in 1998 in Florence, a town where amazing contrasts are commonplace.


The building is Palazzo Gianfigliazzi Bonaparte, a place of great character also due to the tampering suffered over the centuries.

Flair’s stylistic peculiarity wanders on two parallel paths that complement each other, on one hand it desires to explore the history of Design; on the other hand it has capacity to reinvent antiques.


Black and white softened by the warm beige of the wood, mirroring surfaces reflecting onyx images and veined marbles contrasted by brasses and parchments. 

The Plexiglas and the opalines of the '50 gain new transparencies and contrast of eras and styles, which combine in new visual experiences. 


We do not care to sell a label; we prefer to tell a story.


Lungarno Corsini, 24R - Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.2670154

Fax: +39 055.2676316


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