Gioelleria Bastianello

In the heart of Venice, for over 30 years, is a charming goldsmith's shop, Gioielleria Bastianello, Gianluca and Grazia Bastianello welcome their clients, with the courtesy and charm of the past, respecting the tradition of the goldsmiths of yesterday.


After years of study at art school, Gianluca Bastianello perfected his technique associating and collaborating with several of the most prestigious Venetian goldsmiths, from this his skill and passion even today are embed in all his creations, unique pieces, that underline the artisan nature of the product.


In his goldsmith workshop, Gianluca Bastianello creates jewels designed and forged to satisfy even the most demanding clientele, both National and International, obtaining exclusive timeless pieces.


In the Gioielleria Bastianello, there are also silver jewellery with pearls, semi precious and hard stones, all rigorously Made in Italy.

Gioelleria Bastianello

Calle del Capeler, San Polo 1592 - 30135 Venezia (VE) - IT

Tel: +39 041.721019

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