Golem Cucina e Dintorni

Eating in the centre of Bologna between traditional dishes and Gourmet cousine

For those not happy with just any restaurant and want to eat in the centre of Bologna, the proposal is Golem Cucina e Dintorni, situated near the ex Jewish Ghetto, in the middle of the historic centre, close to Piazza Maggiore, the Two Towers and from the main shopping street, Via Indipendenza.


They propose traditional dishes and Gourmet cousine, with the same passion and care of the typical trattoria, alongside world dishes from “dintorni” that can have their origins in Asia, North Africa or multiple origins.


Golem Cucina and Dintorni, also, periodically hosts Art Exhibitions, characterising itself as a meeting place for contemporary artists, with their sculptures, paintings and photographs they enrich its soul, transforming it with the different artistic sensibilities, creating a particular style unique of its kind, while retaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Golem Cucina e Dintorni

Piazza San Martino, 3/b - 40126 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: +39 051.262620



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