Hotel Monaco & Gran Canal

Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal is located in the most charming point of Venice, where the waters of the Grand Canal meet those of the San Marco basin.

The terrace restaurant has always been a landmark of gastronomy and tradition, with a superb view of the Basilica della Salute, Punta della Dogana and the island of San Giorgio, giving its guests the impression of living in a scene from a fairytale.

Emphasised by the selection of seafood delights, seasonal vegetables and legumes, chosen for there freshness to achieve typical dishes from the Venetian cuisine.

The quality of it's cuisine and the thorough and discreet service makes the Terrace Restaurant Grand Canal a point of international meeting.

The hotels 133 rooms, 34 in the elegant residence "Palazzo Selvadego", are an ideal starting point for a wide range of attractions, thanks to the proximity of St. marks Square.

The historic Palazzo Dondolo, with its famous Salone del Ridotto, the heart of the hotel can host up to 600 people for congresses, meetings and gala dinners.

Hotel Monaco & Gran Canal

San Marco, 1332 - 30124 Venezia (VE) - IT

Tel: +39 041.5200211

Fax: +39 041.5200501

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