Il Massimo del Gelato

The paradise of artisan gelato in Milan


“Il Massimo del Gelato” is the paradise of the artisan gelato in Milan.

With the reputation of serving one of the best gelato in Milan, this family business exists through the efforts of its gelato maker Massimo, supported by his son and wife.


This historic artisan gelato parlour is synonymous with tradition, creativity, and quality. Unlike other ice cream shops that like to amaze and study extravagant tastes, here the made in-house gelato is based upon traditional recipes, 100 percent natural with high quality of ingredients. One of the hallmarks of a good artisan gelato parlour is daily fresh flavours especially for fruit flavours and for Massimo is of paramount importance to prepare his gelato with fresh and seasonal fruits.


“Il Massimo del Gelato”, offers a wide range of excellent flavours prepared daily in its internal laboratory, one of the best is Pistachio flavour. For chocolate lovers, “Il Massimo del Gelato” serves it in as many as 10 variations (100% cocoa, Criollo, chocolate with chilli, cinnamon, candied orange, Grand Marnier and so on...). Besides normal gelato “Il Massimo del Gelato” offers, sorbets, made with only fresh fruit and sugar, pure fresh fruit granita, cold pastry, pralines and “Vineyard drops” (armogiane apricots, Pantelleria passito sorbet, all covered with dark chocolate.


We recommend "Il Massimo del Gelato" if you want to taste an authentic artisan gelato in Milan!

Il Massimo del Gelato

Via Lodovico Castelvetro, 18 - 20154 Milano (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 02.3494943

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