Le sfogline

Le Sfogline, the genuine and traditional Bolognese hand made pasta



Bologna and Emilia Romagna are characterised as the kingdom of egg pasta. The specific ritual carried out by the “Sfogline” (the name given to those who prepare handmade pasta) had been maintained through time in the Bolognese tradition for meals during national holidays.


Renata Zappoli, along with her daughters Daniela e Monica, took over a handmade pasta shop because they wanted to offer to all the people, what they prepared every Sunday at home for their families. Within a short time, the Sfogline in Via Belvedere, became a point of reference for genuine, traditional Bolognese products, for every demanding and “hungry “customer in town.

Le sfogline

Via Belvedere ,7/b - 40121 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: +39 051.220558



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