Luigi Limberti

A symbol for Italian leather goods


Mr. Luigi Limberti a name that in Florence represents a symbol for Italian leather goods.

Several reasons are supporting Mr.Luigi Limberti as one of the most important founding fathers of this old handicraft discipline: he knows how to create with skill hands precious items that an ancient knowledge has been transfer down from father to son .


Florence city of art, of culture and of ancient history.

Since childhood, Luigi breathes air that flow and spin over art’ masterpieces of eternal beauty.

Then, with natural inspiration that only in Florence it is possible to sense, he perceived the desire to create something elegant and luxurious that could become a dream for someone to possess, or to use and preserve as an unique and original object of desire.


Refined and functional leather goods.

Luigi becomes the designer, the creator of fashion style, the entrepreneur of his own cultural chic, represented by his items that manages to promote and sell in the main Maisons, show room and boutiques around the world.

Florence is where Luigi Limberti concept of luxury is born and where craftsmanship and art blend together with love and passion for his work.

Everything for Luigi becomes important: attention to detail, perfection in executing them and the choice of precious and of high quality materials.


The love of his craft was contagious for all the workers and collaborators who came to meet Luigi’s creativity, for each one of them was easy to understand how much he knew and how much love was affecting the work made, together with a sense of emulation for the benefit of the company for which they collaborated but mainly for themselves to feel satisfied and happy with the awareness of being part of a common goal of excellence and exclusivity.


The experience and the authority of Luigi Limberti represent an illuminating beacon and an endless source of inspiration for all brands and for all the creative and designers who have had the good fortune to collaborate with this historic Florentine workshop among seventy years of activities.

Luigi Limberti

Via Puccini, 6/A - 50065 Sieci (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.8328540

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