Nadir Maut

Techno Gipsy Generation through the seasons 


Floral and geometric prints combined with icons, clichés and contemporary themes, bright colours and a clear boost to the cultural mix inspired by exotic countries.

It is the unmistakable touch of Svetlana Schmidt, creative director and founder of Nadir Maut, a Milan based brand.


Long dresses and caftans play with sophisticated and rich “psyco prints” that draw define a new tribalism: the unique style is reflected by a rigorous and hieratic collections.


Here Pop Caftans and Silk Italian tunics live together: the secret is visual imagination out of common and a lot of irony in mixing Arab geometries, lines and traditional embroidery of Middle East, Western influences and graphic elements of the Far East.


Everything is a remix: from an eastern spirit and gypsy soul, there is the inclusion of opposites, the council of contrasts, past and future, luxury and street, west and east: ideal mix & match for a techno glam habibi 3.0.

The password is ultra-modern syncretism.


Nadir Maut

Orsorama Shop - Via dell'Orso, 14 - 20121 Milano (Zona Brera) (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 02.36531179

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Luana Lombardini

Bellissima Boutique !!!! Scoperta per caso durante un giro di shopping a Milano.