Nerone Gioielli e Orologi

Between Brera and the Sforzesco Castle, in the heart of Milan, Nerone is a new unavoidable reference point for the lovers of jewelry and watches.

Part of a privileged family tradition in the field of the Hublot watches, Beniamino Crocco and his wife Katerina propose creations characterized by cutting-edge design, form and materials.

The combination of their professional sectors, Industrial Design and Fashion, has led to a winning and innovative formula, offering jewels with a novel fusion of the Eastern influences and the refined traditional Italian jewelry.


Nerone was established in 2008 and, in a few years, has become a Milanese reference point in for the lovers of a new concept of Luxury.

Nerone Gioielli e Orologi

Via Cusani, 4 - 20121 Milano (MI) - IT

Tel: .+39 02.45485673

Fax: +39 02.45485687

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