Handmade fabrics to enjoy an experiential shopping


In an engaging space, hidden in one of the most industrious districts of old Milan is located the NunoMilano showroom / workshop space. Here Nadia produces beautiful unique handmade fabrics.

With careful artisanship, She bonds together merino wool fibres with pure silk voile,to create designs, nuances, geometrics and transparencies. With these original fibres, she makes blouses, t-shirts, jackets, caftans, scarves, versatile garments to wear for a refined outfit or for a more casual event without ever losing that touch of refined elegance.


You will be accompanied on an experiential shopping where the garment takes shape. Here you can choose between the unique items on display or have one made according to your taste and desire.


Follow NunoMilano on Facebook: @nunofeltromilano and Instagram: @nuno.milano



Via Luigi Mercantini, 15 - 20158 Milano (MI) - IT

Tel: +39 340.6709691

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