Pako's Pizza & Pasta

Gourmet street food in Venice


Venice is an incredible and unique city, is one of those places everybody should visit at least once in life. Famous for its architectural, canals and Carnival, it offers a variety of restaurants and trattorias where to taste the local cuisine.

Among these, Pako's Pizza & Pasta can be considered the temple of gourmet fast food in Venice. Located a few steps from Piazza San Marco, Pako's Pizza & Pasta is a combination of a deli shop and a restaurant, which offers a broad, fresh menu, prepared with attention.


Here, contrary to what the name suggests, the specialties are not just sliced pizza, or whole pizza with any toppings you like, and the best Italian homemade takeaway pasta dishes, always cooked at the moment, but also many other temptations, such as e.g. delicious "Panino", croquettes, and so on, depends on the availability of ingredients.


In a strategic position with a really kind staff, Pako's Pizza & Pasta represents salvation for all those tourists who do not want to "waste time" sitting in a restaurant, without giving up good food and why not... even without spending too much!


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Pako's Pizza & Pasta

Spadaria, 687 - 30124 Venezia (VE) - IT

Tel: +39 041.8221569

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Nello Nello

Bravissimo molto buono tutto!!!!