Pescaturismo Nettuno

The most authentic way to learn and love the culture of the Venice lagoon


In the beautiful Venetian lagoon, the tradition of fishing and crab farming has been handed down from generation to generation.


Enrico and Domenico, two fishermen on the island of Burano, have decided to promote an alternative form of tourism founding the Pesca Turismo Nettuno (Fishing Tourism Neptune).

They offers different fishing tourism experience among them the capture of "moeche", the crabs in the moulting period, a truly uniqueness of the Venetian tradition.


Pesca Turismo Nettuno, the most authentic way to learn and love the culture of the Venice lagoon!


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Pescaturismo Nettuno

Via san Martino dx, 635/A - 30142 Burano (VE) - IT

Tel: +39 345.8962071 Domenico - 339.2739551 Enrico

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