Sartoria Gastronomica

Restaurant Sartoria Gastronomica : the pleasure of Italian cuisine


As in the studio of a real tailor,the restaurant Sartoria Gastronomica prepares handmade dishes tying the excellent quality of raw materials the fantasy of the chefs, thus creating unique dishes, "sewn tailored" to each customer and his tastes


The leitmotif of the restaurant Sartoria Gastronomica ties its roots to the pleasure of Italian cuisine,considered a pleasure of meeting loved people and family, where dishes tell the story of the territory,changing food into a source of cultural heritage.


Sartoria Gastronomica opens a new space featuring a high-quality butcher's shop and grill. Thanks to a large display window overlooking Piazza Aldrovandi, even passersby can choose their meat directly to be cooked on the grill and enjoyed at the table.
The offering is extensive and includes meats from various origins, such as the Spanish Rubia Gallega and local sausages (produced in-house) with wild fennel or spicy flavorings. There are also specialties like rolled skewers filled with unique combinations, such as pecorino cheese and pistachio cream, porcini mushrooms, or mortadella with nutmeg. Mixed meat and vegetable skewers and much more are also available.
Inside Sartoria Gastronomica, there is a wood-fired rotisserie where chickens, pork shanks, porchetta, and ribs are slow-cooked daily. A display case showcases aged cuts such as ribeye, Florentine steak, and Tomahawk, matured for a minimum of 60 up to 120 days. Naturally, a variety of appetizers with cured meats and cheeses are offered, along with hand-made fresh egg pasta produced in the kitchen.
The bar Sartoria Bakery, serves breakfast with croissants and pastries made in-house, classic aperitifs, and signature cocktails crafted by a creative bartender with years of experience.
With a seating capacity of 60, the outdoor patio allows guests to enjoy their meals in the open air during the beautiful seasons.


Sartoria Gastronomica

Piazza Aldrovandi, 21/c - 40125 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: + 39 051.6569781

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