Scuola di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu

Passion and professionalism at the School of Culinary Arts in Florence


Housed in Palazzo Panciatichi Ximenes, a charming sixteenth century historic building, at only 20 minute from the Cathedral of Florence, the Cordon Bleu School is the oldest and still functional, cooking academy in Tuscany. The school spread over 450 square meters, with three classrooms, three kitchens with state of the art new professional equipment. There is also a themed library for student consultation.


Cristina Blasi and Gabriella Mari run the school from over 30 years, making it an excellence with their professionalism and passion as well a point of reference for those who want to best deepen the traditions and history of the cuisine.


In 2015, Cristina and Gabriella decide to complement their amateur and professional courses with a new project dedicated to the culinary narrative. The project, called “Aroma Italia”, is not only the teaching of the basic skills of cooking and the preparation of traditional recipes, but it is also a highly immersive and exciting exploration of the Italian culinary territory and its peculiarities.

The school offers a lot of experiences such as tours, tastings, courses and workshops on handmade pasta, Pizza and Focaccia, regional cuisine, art of chocolate and ice cream. Besides the Florentine headquarters, Aroma Italia has a suggestive location in the Chianti area, in the village of Badia a Passignano.


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Scuola di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu

Via Giusti, 7 - 50121 Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.2345468

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