Silver & Silver

Experienced Art collector in Bologna


Silver&Silver opened in Bologna Italy in 1989 after a long experience in London where Mr Antonio D 'Ortona started with a shop just opposite Harrods in 1972.


Focused in European silver, object of vertue and fine jewellery, the business, ran by Mr D'Ortona and Marinella Veronese, became the official Buccellati retailer shop serving the city of Bologna.

The items, ranging from the 17th century to the modern days, are bought among international auctions and private estates around the world.


Appealing to a fine collectors clientele, the company carries a 100% customer satisfaction policy including detailed certificate of authenticity for all items bought.

Silver & Silver

Via de' Fusari, 6 - 40123 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: +39 051.260621

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