Tabarro San Marco

Tabarro San Marco sartorial tradition in the centre of Venice


In the centre of Venice between Campo dei Frari and Campo San Polo, is located the Tabarro San Marco shop.

In this shop reminiscent of the past, you can find and try the traditional Venetian “Tabarro” cloak. Born in the thirteenth century this characteristic Venetian cloak has been revisited during the years.


Today it is once again a sophisticated and fashionable garment, a symbol of elegance and refinement, which can only be found in historic tailors such as that of Monica Daniele. The Tabarro represents the symbol of an unmistakable sartorial tradition made with 6 meters of fabric, a perfect wheel, one continuous cut, without break, hems or seams except one that passes along the back.


The Tabarro San Marco offers craft models for men and women in two short and long versions in heavy wool, silk, linen or pure cashmere. At Tabarro San Marco you can also find the gilets and typical hats such as cappellaccio, cappellina, venetian tricorn and panama hats as well several accessories. It is possible to buy the “tabarro” also online.

Tabarro San Marco

Calle del Scaleter - 30125 Venezia (VE) - IT

Tel: +39 041.5246242 - Mob. + 39 349.1395987

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