Trattoria al Gatto Nero

 In the heart of Burano the true Venetian cuisine


From over 50 years the Trattoria Al Gatto Nero put effort to guarantee a warm hospitality and to a careful selection of raw material.


At Al Gatto Nero Restaurant , in the hearth of Burano, you can taste the real Venetian cuisine.


The chef Ruggero Bovo supported by his wife Lucia in the continuous research about the tradition of those ancient flavours related to Burano, offers a menu rich of traditional flavours such as Risotto di Gò Burano style, homemade Tagliolini with Granzeola as well baked fish or supreme fried fish with a mixture of vegetables always in season coming from organic cultivation harvested in the neighbouring islands.

All desserts, such as pasta are homemade.


The wine  list curated by the son Massimiliano, an expert sommelier, is worthy of mention.

Trattoria al Gatto Nero

Fondamenta della Giudecca di Burano, 88 - 30142 Burano (VE) - IT

Tel: +39 041.730120

Fax: +39 041.735570

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