Argenio Napoli

The history of the Argenio family starts from far back, when at the beginning of the XX century, they started to represent High Neapolitan tailoring, producing prestigious female clothing, that dressed the nobility of the era.


At the head of the tailors shop was grandfather Salvatore Argenio refined stylist, today tittle holder of the same named tailors shop.


The fashion produced by Argenio with exclusive and original fabrics, tweed rigorously English, prized cashmere, a fashion that in the last twenty years they have decided to extend to its male public and to transform thus into an ambassador of Made in Naples, producing a line of clothing endorsed with the name Argenio Napoli.


The production Argenio for men is sober and refined, responding to the recent fashion trends between classic and modern, attention to detail and to the finish, is achieved by joining together the English quality with the Neapolitan flair.


The fashion line also has customised cashmere and cashmere and wool sweaters in 200 colours.


This collection is added to by a sought after, elegant collection of suits and accessories, designed to pay homage to the historic Kingdom of the Two Sicilies:

the Bourbon Line, formed by a rich collection of cuff links depicting the emblems and symbols of the Bourbon Royal House, splendid scarves in pure silk with designs inspired by the aristocratic origins of 1700 and 1800 Naples, precious hand made, pure silk ties with symbols and coat of arms of the ancient dynasty of the Bourbons.

Scarves in wool- silk with the lily symbol of the Bourbons and representations of the Neapolitan Royal Navy.


To close the collection some prestigious accessories such as very elegant watches, designed and patented by Argenio, bearing the emblem of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies , or pens Carlo III, produced with the design of Salvatore Argenio, also a line of pure silk ties 3,5,7 folds, with precious stones i.e. diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies, all with a certificate of authenticity.

Argenio Napoli

Via Filangieri, 15/E - 80121 Napoli (NA) - IT

Tel: +39 081.418035

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