Borgata Bags

Borgata, high-end leather bags in the heart of Bologna


Located in the heart of Bologna, nestled between the famous Piazza Maggiore and the streets of Slow Food, you will find the well know hand crafted leather women’s handbags store Borgata.

This famous brand of high quality leather handbags embodies the real Made in Italy with a unique mission: to make the woman dream in her everyday life.


The owners have built their brand on the beauty identity, in Italy and abroad, thanks to their twenty years of experience related to the concept of "Designed and crafted".


Borgata leather store offers handbags both beautiful and practical, reflected in the original and clean lines of their designs, able to stand the test of time.  


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Borgata Bags

Via Porta Nova, 16 - 40123 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: +39 051.225234 - Mob. +39 337 558569

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Luca Festi

Buonasera sabato scorso avevate in vetrina una borsa intrecciata marrone che costava scontata 155 euro. Volevo sapere se era ancora disponibile e nel caso se potreste metterne una da parte. Passerei mercoledì pomeriggio a ritirarla Grazie Buona serata Luca Festi