Branchini Shoes

The art of the Italian shoes


Italian excellence and artisanal skills are famous all over the world. In Italy there are a many beautiful products made from artisans' creativity pursuing a family tradition, innovating, creating and achieving style and quality.

The Stefano Branchini brand reflects an Italian excellence, such as a mix of history, tradition, passion and manual skills. Located in the hearth of Bologna, in a historic building, able you to almost transporting you back into the past, the single-brand store Branchini offers unique and inimitable handmade shoes, both for men and women, created to impress at every occasion.


The Branchini handmade shoes are manufactured with extreme care and great attention to detail: they are hand sewn using natural twine string and realized through the ancient and traditional method of water tanning, coloured with natural waxes and water-polished.

The result is an authentic product realized carefully in Italy, also appreciated by many famous people all over the world.


Patrizia Branchini Stefano's wife, who manage the store in Bologna, and their children, remember that the company mission, or better Branchini’s family mission, is to continue to offer unique artisan-made products, aiming at developing and strengthen its own position in the luxury market.


Stefano Branchini handmade shoes, unique pieces for true connoisseurs and for those who consider luxury as an art.

Branchini Shoes

Via Strada Maggiore, 19 c/o Corte Isolani 1 - 40124 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: +39 051.6486642

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