Concetti Sartoriali

Concetti sartoriali the Neapolitan tailoring tradition in Florence


Rosario Sagliano, heir to generations of tailors since 1926, continues the Neapolitan tailoring tradition.


“Neapolitan style” is a long-standing tailoring tradition, rooted in style, deaf to the rampaging evolution of fashion for fashion’s sake. A style made of classic elegance and good taste in every detail.

This sartorial tradition has remained unchanged for centuries crafted by a refined artisan work, in which the coat and jacket are the distinctive elements.

The elegance of repeated gestures: tape measures, scissors, chalk, needle, thread and thimble.


Rosario, in his studio located in Florence, combines these elements creating tailored haute couture attire.

He respects all stages of sartorial tradition, from the cut, to the line and style. Exclusive custom-made clothes offering unique garments for each client.


Concetti sartoriali the Neapolitan tailoring tradition in Florence, dressing with class and timeless style.

Concetti Sartoriali

Borgo San Frediano, 47/r - 50124 Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.0730266 - Mob. +39 328.3578496

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