Gioielleria Tranquilli

Unique and exclusive handmade jewellery 


Founded in 1891 Tranquilli's goldsmithing workshop proposes its collection creating bespoke pieces for his clients. The entire creative process of the jewel starts from a simple sketch on paper, followed by a computerized rendering and a very faithful wax 3D reproduction.

Unmistakable works of art come to life through a skilful study of materials as well as the carefully selection of the best valuable gemstones.


Ghigo and Nicola, expert gemmologists and jewellery designers, collaborate with Valenza's best-known goldsmith laboratories, skilfully combining artisanship with new technologies and innovative machines. They also perform every kind of jewellery modification, repairs and restyle.

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Let yourself be amazed by the beauty of their timeless collections.



Via Achille Papa, 19 - 25015 DESENZANO DEL GARDA (BS)

Tel: +39 030.9144742

Gioielleria Tranquilli

Via San Carlo, 58 - 25087 Salò (BS) - IT

Tel: +39 0365.20534

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