Gioielleria Vaggi

The goldsmith tradition on the Ponte Vecchio


The brand Vaggi appeared for the first time in 1965, when the founder of the company, Mr Sergio Vaggi, accomplished the dream of his entire life: to open a shop in the most famous kingdom of goldsmith tradition: the Ponte Vecchio (The Old Bridge).


In this adventure, Mr Vaggi brought together his exceptional professional skills, gained during the long years of training and his passion for the ancient goldsmith’s art.
The small shop started to growth, expanding its offering to worldwide customers. His wife and children followed him in this constant growth and even now, at the third generation of shop’s management, Mr Vaggi is present in the shop. As always, enthusiastically they provide a professional and serious work. 


With over 50 years of experience, Gioielleria Vaggi boasts its own production of jewellery, as well a vast selection of antique jewellery, vintage and modern Italian silverware, and is an authorized dealer of high-end watchmaking, such as: BREITLING, HUBLOT, ZENITH, TAG HEUER, FRANCK MULLER, BAUME & MERCIER, and an exclusive dealer ROBERTO COIN and BOUTIQUE BUCCELLATI.


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Gioielleria Vaggi

Ponte Vecchio, 2-6 R - 50125 Firenze (FI) - IT

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jennifer MacLeod

Hello, My sister was in to your store a week ago or so. You fixed a clasp on her necklace. She said that she regrets not buying a bracelet that you have there. it has flowers going a round it and was over 100 years old. My uncle Sergio Onesti told me to contact you to see if you still have it. if so, how much would it cost for me to buy it for her? Thanks so much, Jennifer Picchi


Sharon Flamer

I was in your shop several weeks ago looking to replace a stolen bracelet that was woven gold 2 stranded braid and you also showed us another 2 strand with tiny gold beads in sets of 3 The factory was Fillipinni Please send me info and prices for each with pictures to confirm I am interested in one or both We were in such a rush at the time and couldn't make the purchase. I wish I had a day to enjoy your beautiful collection of jewelry Your bar pins cameos etc are truly magnificent looking forward to hearing from you Ciao You made my husband and I feel at home


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