Golden Clock

Courtesy, availability and attention to the needs of the clients, are the traits that have accompanied the creation of this business.

From more than twenty years the Longa family offer their clients quality, attention and reliability (all at a reasonable price).

Golden Clock overlooks the pedestrian street in the heart of the duty free zone of Livigno.

Victorinox, Glycine, Mondaine, Ferrari, Citizen are only a part of the variety of brands and styles that the shop sell to the public.

Add to this precious jewels and diamonds, no less frivolous, but without a doubt refined and stimulating to the female gaze.

To all those who speak to our staff, we offer the maximum attention, the highest degree of cordiality, that we are capable of.

The superb majesty of the summit, the slow passing of time, the excessive attention to detail and the warm welcome are the ingredients that frame this unique, albeit small, precious and valuable corner.

Golden Clock

Via Pian, 290 - 23030 Livigno (SO) - IT

Tel: +39 0342.997321 - Mob: +39 349.4415322

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