La Pietra Filosofale

The Venetian Artisan Masks in Leather and Papier-Mache


There is a magic place where Venetian Artisan Masks come to life, it is the Philosopher’s Stone of  Carlo Setti in Venice, who after many years of working in the theatre and world of puppets, refined the technique of making masks of famous people or the traditional Venetian Carnival masks.


Word of mouth among theatrical people bring clients form around the world to his shop-workshop.


“It is interesting - says Setti - creating stage faces and it is a joy to see the actors playing with the leather masks searching for the suitable character. But in Venice the clientele is more varied, and therefore, go with the papier-mache, patience and the attention of the artisan in producing masks-puppets-frames and more”.


Venetian Artisan Masks are made to measure, they are unique pieces.

La Pietra Filosofale

Sestiere San Marco, 1735 - 30124 Venezia (VE) - IT

Tel: +39 041.5285885

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